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5 Amazing Benefits of Sunlight for Newborn Babies

There are different benefits of sunlight for newborn babies but we need to keep in mind that babies have sensitive skin. Read this article to fully gain maximum benefits from sunlight for your newborn baby.

Exposure to moderate amounts of sunlight has been scientifically proven to be beneficial when it comes to the development of the body, especially the skin and the bones. It plays a major role in the production of vitamin D which aids in the growth of healthy, normal bones.

Aside from bone health, Vitamin D is also beneficial in encouraging 3,000 of the roughly 30,000 genes in the human body. Certain tissues and organs contain Vitamin D Receptors (VDR) and the interaction of an adequate amount of Vitamin D, enhances overall health and a reduction of illnesses.

There are additional benefits of sunlight exposure to newborn babies. It is important to practice safe exposure of children to sunlight so they get enough of it needed for the production of vitamin D without getting the harmful effects of excessive UV rays. Here are the benefits of why you should let your newborn baby get some sunlight.

1. Vitamin D Production

We have already established that vitamin D is one of the most prominent benefits your newborn baby will get from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin” since our bodies can produce it by being exposed to the sun. When the skin is exposed to sunshine, the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays are used to produce vitamin D.

Our body requires Vitamin D to function and one way to naturally make it is through the exposure of UV rays at least 15 minutes a day. Darker babies may need a couple of extra minutes of UV ray exposure but it should never exceed more than 30 minutes.

Vitamin D encourages calcium absorption, which in turn strengthens the bones and the baby’s developing teeth. It also enhances the immune system to work efficiently, and the body is protected from diseases.

2. Better Serotonin Levels

Sunlight enhances the production of serotonin when newborn babies receive it in the required quantity. Serotonin, which is also known as the “happy hormone”, boosts the feeling of happiness and security. It also regulates sleep and digestion in newborn babies.

3. Enhanced Insulin Levels

Receiving an adequate amount of sunlight from an early age can help prevent diabetes to a certain extent. Though it is not the only facilitator of good insulin levels, exposure to sunlight is an added advantage because the vitamin D in the body helps manage insulin levels.

A healthy diet, exercise, and sunlight exposure during the child’s growing years are extremely beneficial in keeping diabetes in check.

4. Prevents Jaundice or Yellowing of the Skin

Newborn babies who have jaundice typically exhibit yellow coloring of the skin and eyes. This is the result when there is too much bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellowish substance that is the waste product produced when the liver breaks down old red blood cells.

The liver eliminates bilirubin from the blood and transfers it into the bowels so it can leave the body as wastes. However, a newborn baby’s liver does not remove bilirubin as well as an adult’s liver does.

Sunlight helps break down bilirubin so that a newborn baby’s liver can process it more easily. Exposing your baby to sunlight daily for 15 minutes can correct mild jaundice. A severe case, however, will need a doctor’s intervention.

5. Higher Energy Levels

A newborn baby that is exposed to sunlight produces more melatonin which is an important hormone in regulating sleep patterns, which results in better sleep patterns and higher energy levels once woken up. Balanced melatonin levels can impact a baby’s sleep pattern, which is of utmost importance in a newborn’s early years.

Gain Maximum Benefits From Sunlight for your Newborn Baby

Now that we have covered the benefits of sunlight for newborn babies, we also have to take note of different ways to protect our newborn babies from sunlight. Remember that the overexposure of a newborn baby’s sensitive skin to sunlight can cause harsh skin conditions.

Here are ways to gain the maximum benefits and also ways to protect your baby from sunlight.

1. Pick the Right Time

Pediatricians recommend sunbathing a newborn baby between 6 to 7:30 am, where the sunlight is not yet intense and stingy. Make sure that your newborn baby is exposed to sunlight for just 10 to 15 minutes because prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage their skin membrane, which results in redness, burning, and irritation.

2. Use Minimum Clothing

It is essential that the newborn baby’s entire body, including the chest and back, receives exposure to the sunlight. Ensure that your baby isn’t fully clothed.

Shield your newborn baby’s eyes to avoid any chances of damage. One easy method of doing this is by sunbathing your newborn baby while in a baby stroller. It has lots of features that will come in handy not only for your newborn baby for you as well, such as compartments for your necessities and a sunroof to protect your baby from being overexposed to the sun.

If you are on the lookout for the best-quality strollers, check out Amoroso. With lots of variety to choose from, there is a stroller for every parent out there, but there is one thing for sure: the durability and quality of these strollers will last a lifetime.

3. Choose the Right Location


Sunbathing your newborn baby does not necessarily have to be done outside open space. One way to sunbathe while inside your home is by opening a window that can stream in sunlight or place your newborn baby in a room with natural sunlight.

If it is windy or is allergy season when pollen is present everywhere, it is best to keep the newborn baby indoors to avoid dust or other foreign bodies from affecting his eyes.

4. Apply Skin Protecting Agents

About 30 minutes before sunbathing, rub the babies’ skin with a sunblock of SPF 15 in minimum. You can also lightly rub baby oil to give your baby additional protection against skin problems.

5. Always Ask For Doctor’s Advice

Check with your doctor if it is alright to expose him to direct sunlight. If your newborn baby has sensitive skin, direct exposure to sunlight may damage the skin as it could dry the skin, leading to rashes, peeling, or general irritation.


There are plenty of benefits of sunlight exposure for your little one so it is an essential part of their childhood. Always consider your newborn baby’s skin condition and general health before engaging your kid in sunbathing. Sunlight is available in abundance for most of us, and we should utilize it to the maximum for health-related benefits.

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