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10 Tips in Walking Dogs In Hot Weather

1. Water is You and Your Dog’s Best Buddy

Taking your dog out for a walk is vital for them to have a healthy lifestyle and become more lively. However, walking your dog in the summer heat will make it uncomfortable for them. Or worse, they might encounter life-threatening heatstroke. Here are the best tips when walking dogs during a hot day.

Did you know that dogs do not sweat? While humans release sweat during hot days through our sweat glands, dogs pant to release the excess heat from their bodies.

Dehydration is terrible for dogs because it might result in heatstroke that could result in them passing out. Along with increased thirst, signs that your dog may be dehydrated include dry nose, lethargy, dry gums and tongue, and thick consistency of drooling saliva.

Depending on its weight, a healthy dog needs to drink about 15 to 30 mL of water per 450 grams per day. During hotter days, dogs need to drink more than the average to restore the water they consumed from panting.

Water is vital to humans and dogs alike. It is best to bring separate filled-up water bottles for you and your dog. There are dog water bottle containers available in the market with a water bowl attachment that is easily accessible during walks.

2. Check the Asphalt

If the pavement is hot for you to walk on, obviously it is hot for your dog too, especially since they are not wearing any protective gear on their paws.

Before taking your dog for a walk, always check the temperature of the asphalt or if it is too hot. One test you can do is to touch the pavement using the back of your hand for 7 seconds. If you can manage to keep it still, it is safe for your dog to walk on it.

Even though your dog’s skin on its paws is thicker, walking your dogs on hot pavement can result in “burned pads” that are extremely painful for dogs and may take weeks to heal.  Its symptoms include the following:

  • Limping
  • Discolored pads
  • Excessive biting of feet
  • Blisters and/or redness of the paws
  • Tearing parts of the pads.

3. Timing is Everything

Proper and mindful scheduling your daily walk is an effective way to lessen heat and discomfort for your dog. It is best to walk your dogs early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Not only will your dog not experience the harsh heat from the sun, but you might also as well enjoy the sunrise and the sunset.

Avoid walking your dogs from 10 AM to 5 PM, as these are the hottest hours of the day.

4. Shorter Fur, Cooler Temperature

It is often a dog’s problem to feel hotter temperatures than humans because of teacher furs. Keeping your dog’s fur groomed is vital to protect them from heatstroke and dehydration.

5. Watch out for Pesky Dog Pests

Pests such as fleas and ticks are booming during the summer. It is essential to check your dogs if they are having abnormal itchiness. Routine grooming will help in eliminating these unwanted pests.

6. Take a Rest and Find Shade

Every once in a while, take a rest from walking your dog directly from the rays of the sun. Check your dog’s behavior if they are getting uneasy or thirsty. If dogs get too tired, they will move less energetically and will pant more often.

Take a rest under the shades of trees in the park and make sure that you and your dog drinks water to rehydrate. A brief rest will surely boost your dog’s energy the next time they walk.

7. Hiring a Professional Dog Walker

Dog walking is a booming business. With the convenience and assurance that your dogs will stay safe and having fun outside your home, hiring a professional dog walker is a great option. Dog walkers already know the dos and don’ts of walking a dog in hot weather.

Dog walkers already know that during hot days, they should walk their dogs in the early mornings or evenings to prevent them from dehydration due to the hot season. Besides, they will keep your mind in peace by providing all the necessities for your dog, such as water and tender loving care.

8. Take Precautions For Yourself

Before taking care of your precious pup on a walk, you should also take care of yourself as well. Always make sure to bring your essentials such as sunscreen, your own bottled water, a portable fan, an extra shirt, and a couple of poop bags.

9. Walk your Dog Nearby

You may walk your dogs in your neighborhood but make them feel extra special by bringing them to beautiful dog parks around your area. It is imperative to know that there are only selected public places, where it is safe to walk your dogs without breaching the law.

10. Put your Dog in a Stroller!

Nothing is more precious than seeing a dog in a stroller roaming around the park. It has revolutionized how and where pet lovers can take their dogs with them, offering several advantages over standard carriers or leashes. The biggest advantage of pushing a stroller is easier than walking your dog which may risk becoming tangled in their leash or having to struggle with the weight of a handheld carrier.

A pet stroller offers a buffer zone between your dog and passersby, to reduce the possibility of a confrontation with other pets or unfamiliar people. While you browse through the mall or take a long walk in the park, your dog can relax and they would feel secure and safe that they even sleep in their strollers.

Another advantage of using a stroller over a leash is if your dog is recovering from surgery or suffering from joint or weight problems. A stroller allows them to rest and enjoy the fresh air without risking further injury. Pet strollers are also an ideal way to take along pets that are unable to walk for some reason, such as elderly dogs and or a young puppy.

Additionally, using a pet stroller allows you to safely take your dog to the veterinarian. Plus, transporting dogs in a pet stroller makes getting into and out of your vehicle easier.

If you are looking for the perfect stroller for your pets, check out AmorosO! With plenty of options, you will be able to choose the stroller your furbaby will love!


Whenever you are taking your dogs out for a walk, it is important to have fun! Always make sure that both of you are having the best time of your lives while enduring the heat. Treasure your moments together and take photos to save these memories.

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