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Privacy Policy

Amoroso USA thanks you for trusting the brand with your private and basic set of information. We are fully aware of the responsibility that goes with safeguarding your privacy. To help us pursue our goal of protecting it, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy as we implement it fully on our website. We highly appreciate your full understanding of the extent of personal information we might use in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal data, let us know about them so we can handle them accordingly. 

By using our Site/service, you consent to the collection and/or usage of all the data you submit. We use them following our Privacy Policy as stated below:

Collection of Information

Only the set of personal information that is voluntarily sent or submitted to us is collected. This includes the names and email addresses. The data that all users submit will be relevant to fulfilling the user’s request or improving this website. The data will also help in maintaining and bettering our overall customer service.

Distribution of Information

The data collected may be shared with the government and private agencies and it is possible when Amoroso USA needs assistance for fraud prevention and/or investigation. We share the data when certain circumstances transpire and are applicable such as: (1) the law requires and/or allows it; (2) prevent or protect from potential or actual unauthorized transaction/fraud; (3) investigating a current fraudulent scenario/transaction. We do not share any piece of information with other entities for marketing purposes.

Cookie Tracing and Other Technologies

The Site may utilize high-tech tracking software such as cookies to collect information such as the operating system used or the browser type. We may also use such technologies to understand how all our Site visitors utilize the website and track the total number of Site visits from time to time. We may also aggregate all the tracking information and cookies with third parties.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Amoroso USA reserves the right to impose or enforce any lawful and reasonable changes to this Privacy Policy. With that, we highly encourage all the Site users to visit this page for further updates.

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