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Brown and White Pet Stroller

Brown-White 4 Wheel Pet Stroller for Cats


Deluxe 4 Wheel Dog Stroller Black Medium

Deluxe 4 Wheel Dog Stroller Black Medium

Camo Dog Stroller Pet Umbrella Folding Doggie Carriage


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Your choice of stroller for your cat, dog, or any pet you have. Be the coolest pet parent in town and show off your furbaby with this feature-packed pet stroller in our elegant black design with red accents! Feel the rush of nature right in your dog park and experience the convenience of walking with this umbrella dog stroller.

This 4 Wheel Folding Camo Pet Umbrella Dog Stroller offers comfort and safety for your pet.

Admit it, it could be tiring to take your dog for a walk. With every tug and pull from your overly-excited dog, sometimes you are getting an arm workout from walking your dog! Although that extra workout might be a good thing, we still want to be in control when walking our dogs. To solve that problem, check out this 4 wheel folding camo pet umbrella dog stroller that will make your future walks hassle-free and more enjoyable!

The 4 Wheel Folding Camo Pet Umbrella Dog Stroller from AmorosO offers incredible ease and convenience if you need your pet to be in a safe area while doing your errands or taking them to the park. The biggest advantage of pushing a stroller is that it is easier than walking your dog which may risk becoming tangled in their leash or having to struggle with the weight of a handheld carrier.

This umbrella dog stroller is equipped with a mesh bag storage at the backside for all your dog’s essential items including dog treats, toys, water bottles, a food bowl, and doggy waste bags. With safety in mind, this stroller is equipped with swivel wheels and a latch mechanism that locks the wheels to stay in a single area when needed.

Clean-up will be a breeze thanks to the waterproof and stain-proof fabric lining and mesh. Additionally, these materials will allow excellent ventilation for pets at all times, preventing any heat build-up even during a sunny day.


Weight: 20 lbs


  • Materials: Metal Frame, EVA handle/wheel tire, PP plastic/wheel frame, polyester fabric.
  • Folded Dimension: 20X17X106.5CM
  • Unfolded Dimension: 59x39x91 CM
  • Net Weight: 8.201 lbs
  • Fabric: Polyester


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Weight 20 lb


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